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Modern Pin Up Girls

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Pin up girls are actually pin up models who are intended for informal display. Basically they are meant to be pinned-up on a wall. We can refer pin up girls as fashion models, sexy bombshell actresses or like extra-glamorous models whose produced images see wide appeal. We often see pin up girls photos on calendars, magazines or newspapers and so on. Later, pin up girls images were on posters that became a smash hit ! Pin up girls were invented to create symbolic fantasy. From this thought, Pin up girls have been working in the industry since World War II.


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A Little History Behind Modern Pin Up Girls

Yes, As I mentioned, Pin up girls were in the business of producing glamorous and sexy pictures since World War II. The pin up girls history is 150 year old ! It is combination of cultural and art history starting in 1860s. This history is strictly connected to feminism. Pin up girls concept gained popularity in 1930s. The pictures or posters of Pin up girls have come a long way since 1940s bombshell babe Betty Grable graced the foot lockers of many U.S soldiers. All credit goes to the magazines like Playboy, Vanity Fair, Esquire. That time the gorgeous photos of the pin up girls took the soldiers mind away, make them face war and reality, No matter what kind of images, from advertisement to pinup photography, from pinup calendar to posters, the interesting part is most soldiers had a poster of pin up girls in their lockers ! Do you know the pin up girls were also known as “petty girls” because of George Petty who was very famous for Esquire Magazine. During World War II, the pictures of pin up girls painted in warplanes. Each and every pin up girl used to curl their hair with the help of pin curls and dimpled the time of smiling. The most popular pinup artists in those decades were Elvgren and Vargas whose art is still alive and highly sought even today.

Discussing of pin up girls make me recall the best pinup girl ever,1940’s bombshell Betty Grable. Apart from pin up girl image she was a great actress with some great hits, wonderful dancer and Singer as well ! She was mixed with multiple talents. She was popular for her fantastic pin up photo shoots indeed but she was also popular for having most beautiful legs ever in the industry. Pin up specialists always wanted to promote her for her ideal proportions of her body. For her beautiful legs & awesome acting, singing career, she got some nicknames like ” the girl with million dollar legs”, “the queen of Hollywood musical”, “the quick silver blonde” and so on. Betty Grable’s first credited role was in the movie “Probation”. I’m definitely going to mention her unforgettable musical hit movies such as Pin Up Girl, Moon Over Island, How To Marry a Millionaire, How To Be Very Very Popular, Meet Me After The Show, Springtime in the Rockies, Coney Island, Down Argentine Way, Wabash Avenue, Mother Wore Tights and finally The Dolly Sisters. After doing her last movie “How To Be Very Very Popular”, she retired and returned never.

Now I’m going to mention some very famous and best Vintage pin up girls names and check them out and think who was the best according to you. Ask your friends or partners too, compare your choice and your friends or partner’s choice. That would be fun, right ?

Annabella, the very elegant and sexy French actress who did 46 films during her career, did some Hollywood movies too. Joan Blondell (my personal favorite) who was a television actress and appeared in some movies as well. Trust me she is extremely beautiful with very expressive eyes. She won a beauty pageant and then she entered in the movie industry. She did more than 100 movies and television art films with the Warner Brothers. She was doing movies actively in the 1930s. Marlene Dietrich was German-American singer and actress. The interesting thing about her is she was popular since she started working. She used to work in silent films on the stage. 1940’s most favorite face of mine is Lauren Bacall. She was extremely talented that she got a role of leading role in her first appearance. She was known for her husky voice and unforgettable sexy sultry looks. Diana Barrymore, daughter of famous actor John Barrymore, she was a great theater actress. She got married three times but may be she loved truly her last husband Robert Wilcox. He was dead handsome but abusive. Their marriage ended when he died of heart attack at the age of 45. Then Diana also died from taking overdose of sleeping pills along with alcohol at the age of 38. Then Linda Danell was an American Theater actress since she was child. She was not comfortable in Hollywood and went frustrated for not getting recognition and started taking extreme alcohol then again unsuccessful weddings, scandalous affairs.

Well friends, there is some certain things very common between Vintage pin up girls and today’s Modern pin up girls. The most common thing is that the Vintage pin up girls used to do informal photo shoots to display their certain body parts and Modern pin up girls do the same. Feminism and Criticism enter the pin up world even now.

Enter Modern Pin Up Girls

Now lets come to Modern Pin up girls. Jessica Sutta, What should I say about her talents! She is singer, dancer, actress, model. She is mostly known for appearing in Pussycat dolls group. Her item number “Show Me” was her no. 1 smash hit. Eva Green, known for her theater work, worked in James bond movie Casino Royale, She won BAFTA award for that role. She is endorsing lots of brands. Jami Deadly (my personal favorite), an American actress, glamorous model, singer, dancer and interestingly horror host. She got scream queen award in 2005.

I will end it with a sad story. Recently I came to know about a cold case of a pin up girl who was killed pathetically in 1953. She was very popular for her pin up modeling. When the cops and detectives re-opened her case, they came to know she used to have very obsessed fans and extremely jealous buddies who were jealous of her looks. Finally I would say, being pin up girls model or actress in simply a profession, it has no connection with lowering dignity or standards or womanhood in the society.

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